Waypoint Resource Group (Waypoint) provides accounts receivable management solutions across a variety of industries. Our clients include creditors in the automotive, telecommunications, utilities, and healthcare industries.

Waypoint does not own the debt. If one of Waypoint’s representatives is contacting you, it is because we have received information that may link you to an account we were contracted to service. Waypoint is licensed in all states and U.S. territories.

At Waypoint, we work hard to deliver customer support and build relationships throughout what can be a difficult process. We perform our responsibilities in a fully-compliant environment. The operating values driving our business include treating people with respect and acting with the highest integrity, regardless of account status.

These values shape how we approach all customer interactions. We treat consumers the way we’d want to be treated, forging a mutually-beneficial relationship built on trust and transparency.

We’re dedicated to providing trusted guidance to help consumers make informed decisions and improve their lives.

Want to know more about Waypoint? Visit www.waypoint.com.