One Size Doesn't Fit All: The ARM Practitioner's Guide to Omnichannel Success

Technology and competition are driving increased expectations among consumers for seamless, cross-channel integration of web, email, text, phone, and other pathways. This omnichannel approach for customer engagement brings unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

Yet, while some 80 percent of companies recognize omnichannel strategy as critical to success, many struggle with the technology, information security, and transaction functionality that multiply with every new channel.

When it comes to the receivables process, additional challenges arise from a unique blend of factors, including compliance and process hurdles such as CRM, payment, and data management.

This eBook looks at customer expectations and preferences for omnichannel engagement in collections. We examine how communication channels may each require a unique strategy and resources, including people, processes, and technologies. We provide takeaways and tips for companies to consider when evaluating omnichannel communications options.