The importance of customer service to the telecom industry cannot be overstated. While most accounts receivable management services offer collections services, very few understand that contact strategy and customer service are the key to retention in this highly competitive industry. Waypoint Resource Group executives have direct experience working with leading telecom/cable/satellite providers. We offer soft-skilled solutions and ‘right contact’ strategies that strengthen the customer relationship while driving your financial performance. Our contact center management services cut customer churn and resolve billing issues with an engaging approach that demonstrates customer value and simplifies the payment process.

Waypoint services for the cable/satellite/telecom industry:

  • Outsourcing
  • Customer service (inbound/outbound)
  • Correspondence, email, and online support, including web chat
  • Consulting/CRM
  • Upsell/cross-sell
  • Skip tracing (inbound/outbound)
  • First-party customer service (inbound/outbound)
  • Third-party customer service (inbound/outbound)
  • Recovery strategies and collections
  • Pre-legal and legal services
  • Collateral strategies
  • Specialty collections (bankruptcy and deceased care)